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High Level Cannabis Security Services
Under experienced leadership, military veterans and former law-enforcement officers throughout Michigan, our staff is fully trained in the most advanced security techniques available. When it comes to the cannabis industry, our level of security service is unmatched. We guarantee it.
On-Site Security Agents
Specialized Security Group is run by former law enforcement officers and experienced security professionals. Our team is well-versed in what it takes to be Act 4209 compliant and are familiar with the laws associated in the medical marijuana industry.
Electronic Security
During your permitting process, you'll be required by the state to ensure an electronic surveillance plan is in place. We'll help you navigate through Michigan's regulations and ensure your electronic surveillance and alarm systems exceed the State of Michigan's requirements.
Transportation Solutions
Moving your assets between locations is the most vulnerable point in the supply chain. Ensuring safe transportation is critical for you, your assets and your revenue. Our transportation services utilize secure and covert vehicles. Our offices are trained in transport security and we'll help any dispensary, grow and retail marijuana stores with any transportation need.
Asset Protection
Crimes are always a threat to the legal cannabis industry in Detroit. Your grow operation or dispensary can be a target to robberies and violent crimes, so protecting your revenue and assets is top priority. Specialized Security Group provides high level security for grow sites and operations throughout Michigan. Our agents are trained and vetted to ensure optimum safety for your grow operation or dispensary.
We know that legal cannabis is ever-changing in Michigan, and failure to recognize changes can result in the loss of a license - completely destroying a business. At Specialized Security Group, we continue to develop advanced compliance solutions for our clients in the cannabis industry to ensure all regulations are exceeded.
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All-Inclusive Safety Plans for Your Personal or Professional Life
Specialized Security Group provides reliable VIP and celebrity protection services in Michigan. Our agents have years of experience providing reliable protection for celebrities, news correspondents, entertainers, musicians and athletes. We've provided personalized security services for musicians, athletes and more. Learn More play_circle_filled
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Providing Specialized Medical Marijuana Security Services in Michigan

At Specialized Security Group, we provide customized security plans that meet or exceed the requirements set forth by the State of Michigan for marijuana dispensaries, grow operations, processing facilities and more.

Medical Marijuana Security Guards Michigan | Specialized Security Group - image-content-skyscrapersAt Specialized Security Group, we pride ourselves on the quality and expertise of our security agents. We employ highly-trained former military and law enforcement professionals for a multitude of different security situations.

Are You Legislative Act 4209 Compliant?

Specialized Security Group has followed Act 4209 since its proposal and will continue to do so until its eventual passing. Having researched and studied Act 4209 extensively, the staff and attorneys at Specialized Security Group are uniquely positioned to ensure that our clients meet all security requirements needed to be compliant to Michigan state laws as they pertain to the medical marijuana industry.

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Dispensary & Facility Security

Specialized Security Group can provide different levels of security to your dispensary or facility. We'll will work with your business to develop a plan specifically tailored to your individual needs and security.

Security Assessments

Specialized Security Group offers security assessments for your dispensary or facility. Our team of agents will assess your current security situation and develop a plan on how to improve the security at your business.

Transportation of Assets

Specialized Security Group also offers transportation alternatives for your assets and revenue. We'll will work with your business to develop a transportation plan best suited to your individual needs.

Security Plans

As a result of our extensive research into Act 4209, we understand the necessity of having a complete and thorough security plan in place for your dispensary or facility. We will continually ensure that your current security plan is in full compliance with Act 4209.

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